How Often Should You Pressure Clean Your Commercial Property? Suncity Softwash and Pressure Clean´s Recommendations

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Pressure cleaning is an essential part of commercial property maintenance, as it helps to keep the exterior surfaces clean and presentable. However, many property owners are often unsure about how often they should schedule pressure cleaning services. The frequency of pressure cleaning largely depends on factors such as the location of the property, the type of business being conducted, and the overall appearance of the building.

One factor to consider when determining how often to pressure clean a commercial property is its location. If the property is located in an area with high levels of pollution, such as near a busy road or industrial area, it may require more frequent pressure cleaning. Airborne pollutants can cause dirt, grime, and other debris to accumulate on the exterior surfaces of the building, making it necessary to clean them more often to maintain a professional appearance.

Additionally, the type of business being conducted on the property can also influence the frequency of pressure cleaning. For example, an office building may not require pressure cleaning as often as a restaurant or retail space. Food and beverage establishments, in particular, tend to accumulate grease, food stains, and other spills that can be difficult to remove without regular pressure cleaning. Therefore, it is important for businesses in these industries to invest in more frequent pressure cleaning to keep their properties looking clean and inviting.

Lastly, the overall appearance of the building is another factor to consider when determining how often to pressure clean a commercial property. If the exterior surfaces of the property show signs of mold, mildew, or discoloration, it is a clear indication that pressure cleaning is needed. Generally, it is recommended to pressure clean commercial properties at least once or twice a year to maintain a clean and polished appearance. However, depending on the aforementioned factors, it may be necessary to schedule pressure cleaning more frequently.

Property owners should assess the specific needs of their property and consider these factors when deciding how often to schedule pressure cleaning services. Regular pressure cleaning not only improves the overall appearance of the property but also helps to prolong the lifespan of its exterior surfaces.


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