Pressure Washing and Property Maintenance FAQ

SunCity Softwash & Pressure Clean LLC is the most popular Property Maintenance & Management Services Company in Martin and Saint Lucie County.

Pressure washing employs the natural cleaning power of water launched at a target surface at extremely high pressure and is best for harder surfaces like concrete, stone, and asphalt. Soft washing incorporates the use of cleaning solutions and chemicals with low-pressure and no-pressure washing for spectacular results on malleable materials like shingles and tiles.

Yes. From commercial pressure washing for your sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots to exterior cleaning for your buildings, fences, and vehicles, We’ve got the equipment, knowledge, and determination for any commercial cleaning project, large or small.

No, it is denitely not. Different surfaces require different approaches to properly clean and protect. The wrong method can be ineffective in removing stains from certain surfaces and can also result in damage to property, landscaping, and windows.

No. We use only eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals, and cleaning solutions.

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