The Most Effective Ways to Remove Rust

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Rust is the enemy to any surface and can lead to corrosion, costly damage and time consuming. Rust is a thin layer of oxidized material that can appear on the outside of a metal surface. The traditional techniques to remove rust are sanding, chemical treatment, sandblasting, dry ice blasting, etc. These techniques are either very time-consuming or impact on the environment in a negative way. Removing rust can even cause changes to the surface area. Strong acid, while fast at removing rust, brings with it its own health hazards and disposal issues. Applying chemicals can also cause damage to unintended areas, and lead to major damage. Blasting equipment, although more versatile, can often have difficulty reaching all interior effectively and some exterior or can damage surfaces of complex parts.

Remove rust on a production level with safety to parts and the humans involved in the process need a professional company with years of experience. Selective chelation rather than strong acid or blasting proved to be the safest, most cost-effective means to remove rust according to one research. The knowledge of a professional is Knowing the correct water-soluble, pH-neutral, reusable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive to remove heavy rust from steel/iron parts, which as all professional knows which must be soaked at room temperature.

Rust can be a stubborn tedious and laborious task. First, for certain rust laboratory tests of heavily rusted samples must first be carried out– steel which had been left outside for many months will take about 28/30 hours of soaking to completely remove the rust. However, adding the right amount of heat could reduce the time by about 3.5 hours. With the right temperature along with ultrasonics, even more time could be shaved off. De-rusting is also another procedure which can bring back rust parts to life.

The major problem with removing rust is health issues that can arise, to both humans and the environment.

Pollution can evaporate into the environment. With the removal of rust with laser cleaning, for example a great force is applied to remove the loosened dirt which then could seep into the environment, on the positive side, this could clean large surfaces in a short period of time, because of the short but highly focused laser pulses, the temperature of the rust layer quickly becomes very high. When this evaporation happens, gases that are extracted by the laser gun are sent through various filters. On the other side the extraction installation, clean air will leave the installation, making it possible to work inside buildings as well as in small areas.

Removing rust needs a professional to get the job done right the first time. Saving time, humans and the environment should be the aim of any progressive company. Professional pressure washing requires knowledge, practice, and skill and of course the right equipment. And that’s exactly what sets SunCity Softwash & Pressure Clean LLC sets them apart from other pressure contractors in Palm City. With a high costumer’s satisfaction, this company’s goal is to be much more than just another contractor of pressure washing in Palm City. The company says they strive to be South Florida’s complete exterior cleaning solution, with specialized offerings including paver sealing, rust removal, and commercial services.


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