Is pressure washing a good idea?

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Pressure washing has quickly become one of the preferred methods of cleaning a variety of surfaces in both residential, commercial, and business locations. Pressure washing is an excellent way of maintaining or restoring the look of the home, with many realty agents recommending that potential sellers invest in a pressure wash to boost the curb appeal and listing price of their home.

But, different surfaces require different approaches to cleaning and protection correctly. Pressure washing employs the natural cleaning power of water hitting a target surface at extremely high pressure and is best for harder surfaces like concrete, stone, and asphalt. However, it’s unsafe to use high-pressure washing on all your home surfaces. The wrong method can be ineffective in removing stains from certain surfaces and can also result in damage to property, landscaping, and windows.

Homeowners employ pressure cleaning to reduce allergies, minimize hazards, and improve aesthetics. A pressure washer is used to clean surfaces such as:

• Gutters
• Roofs
• Decks
• Sidewalks
• Patios
• Driveways
• Siding
• Parking lots
• Cladding

Pressure washing is good for your home. It protects it from damage. You remove contaminants that damage your home’s siding when you pressure wash. Many homes develop algae, mold, and mildew under siding when poorly maintained. In areas with high moisture or humidity, pressure washing is essential. By power washing your home as part of regular maintenance, you can avoid the buildup of problematic compounds, giving you a healthier and cleaner home.

But some pressure washing tasks are not DIY, so it’s essential to let the professionals handle the clearance.

Letting professionals power wash your home means you don’t need to deal with mixing cleaning solutions, climbing ladders, and scrubbing strenuously at stubborn stains. Equipment quality is one of the main things that set professional washing apart from those just doing it as a side gig.

Professionals are trained to recognize the right psi for each surface. Too much psi can cause all kinds of problems, like:

• Damaging plants and landscaping
• Stripping off paint
• Breaking or cracking windows
• Leaving etch marks on hard surfaces and cutting softer surfaces
• Completely removing siding and shingles

Pressure washing companies that stand out in the competition invest heavily in commercial-grade equipment and cutting-edge technology. For instance, walk away if a company doesn’t offer soft washing. SunCity Softwash & Pressure Clean LLC has the proper equipment, training, and experience, and we’re prepared for any job or surface.

SunCity Softwash & Pressure Clean LLC are the experts for pressure washing. We specialize in all types of residential and commercial exterior cleaning tasks including pressure cleaning, roof cleaning, soft washing, concrete cleaning, rust removal, window cleaning, and more. As such, when you want to clean every surface of your property’s exterior, all you need to do is give us a call. We would be honored to handle every task for you.


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