Why Hire A Pressure Washing Professional?

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Pressure washing is NOT one-size-ts-all. Different surfaces require different amounts of pressurized power. Professionals are trained to recognize the right psi for each surface. Too much psi can cause all kinds of problems, like:

• Damaging plants and landscaping
• Stripping off paint
• Breaking or cracking windows
• Leaving etch marks on hard surfaces and cutting softer surfaces
• Completely removing siding and shingles

Following Orders Matters

Following a specic order of tasks is also important to effective cleaning and disinfecting, Professionals know that cleaning order matters.

• Roof and gutters rst
• House and siding
• Driveways and at surfaces
• Windows last

Professional Equipment And Chemical Assistance

One of the main things that set professional washing apart from those just doing it as a side gig is the quality of equipment. Pressure washing companies that stand-out among the competition invest heavily in commercial-grade equipment and cutting-edge technology. For instance, if a company doesn’t offer soft washing, walk away. SunCity Softwash & Pressure Clean LLC has the proper equipment, training, and experience, and we’re prepared for any type of job or surface.


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