What is soft washing process?

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Although soft, power, and pressure washing seem similar, they all use different techniques, equipment, pressure, and chemicals. Power washing and pressure washing use a much more powerful water pressure than soft washing, and power washing is typically done with much hotter water than pressure washing.

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning process used to clean delicate surfaces on your home. The pressure used from a soft wash system is typically under 100 PSI compared to 3,000+ in a pressure washer.

Soft washing runs water through a pump with very little pressurization. This system typically consists of a higher volume of water rather than pressurized water being sprayed from the hose. Soft washing also uses more chemicals or cleaning solutions when cleaning a home. Where a pressure cleaner may be able to remove some dirt with no chemicals because of the pressure, soft washing systems need the chemicals to loosen the dirt before the water is sprayed to remove it.

This method also uses cleaning solutions to kill mold, mildew, moss, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The cleaning solutions are made up of three main ingredients:

1. Bleach: The primary agent for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
2. Surfactant: This goes in between surfaces to loosen up dirt, mold, and other substances.
3. Water: This is used to dilute the bleach concentration.

Due to lower water pressure, this method is ideal for cleaning more fragile surfaces of your home’s exterior. These surfaces would be damaged if you used higher water pressure. Here are the best surfaces for this type of cleaning method:

• Roof shingles
• Windows
• Glass doors
• Lanais
• Screens
• Patio enclosures
• Stucco
• Coquina
• Vinyl siding
• Cedar shake siding
• Wood panel siding
• Outdoor furniture

Obtaining an expert’s services is essential when you have your house’s exterior washed. Soft washing is ideal for shingled roofs, loose siding, or any situation where high PSI pressure washing might cause harm, or force water into at-risk spaces. Incorrect pressure washer use can damage the home, such as broken windows, burnt siding, and blown-out weather seals.

The pressure washing experts of SunCity Softwash & Pressure Clean LLC are also the soft washing authorities of South Florida. We stay updated on the latest soft washing developments in the industry and bring professionalism to each job.

An expert understands how to effectively wash the exterior of your building without causing damage. Our soft washing process allows us to safely treat and kill the mold, mildew, and algae growing on your home. This enables us to clean your home with lower pressure, minimizing the potential for damage.

Regarding exterior cleaning, the SunCity Softwash & Pressure Clean LLC soft washing team knows that one size doesn’t fit all. Certain materials and surfaces require special treatment, like soft washing. We’ve the specialized equipment, experience, and determination to complete every unique soft washing and roof cleaning project with excellent results.

You can trust our courteous professionals to treat your property with tender loving care and respond efficiently and effectively to whatever attack nature unleashes on your home, business, rental and commercial properties.

Inexperienced and unprofessional pressure washing outfits can cause damage to surfaces and landscaping. Still, you can trust SunCity Softwash & Pressure Clean LLC to treat your valuable property with the soft washing TLC it deserves.

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